Are you an e-cig or e-liquid reviewer? Then we’d love to have you review our products! We don’t care if you are as big as VapingwithTwisted420 or you’re an inspiring reviewer with only 20 followers or subscribers, We got you covered!

What kind of reviewers are we looking for?

Everyone wants to be a reviewer of electronic cigarette products, which tends to include Vape Supply Company staff also. What we don’t expect is a glowing review if you don’t like the product! The ideal review, in our opinion, offers a well rounded and balanced review which helps inform customers making a buying decision.

Your reviews can be on YouTube, forums, Reddit, blogs, podcasts, websites, or even social media. Use your channels to your advantage!

Benefits of being a reviewer of VSC?

Try new products for free

Reviewing is a great way to try out new products and e-liquid without having to pay for them.

Referral codes

Every person you refer from your referral link (Click Generate Referral Link). You and also your referral will earn $5.00 each after they make their first purchase! Refer your followers and you make $5.00 when they make their first purchase! 

Choose what products you review!

With you referring your followers to make purchases from your reviews, you can use our Reward system (VSC Rewards) to supply yourself with any products on our website. That means you can review whatever you want to review, We will never dictate what we want you to review!

Help other vapers to make informed decisions

There are tons of different juices and hardware out there, some great, some not so good. By sharing your experiences with other vapers, you’ll be helping them navigate the maze of choices out there so they can spend their money wisely!

How do I become a reviewer for Vape Supply Company?

  1. Make a account on VapeSupply.Co by creating a account.
  2. Refer from your referral link (Click Generate Referral Link).
  3. Track your referrals on your My Account‘s Page!

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